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The Destruction
The Gneisenau in drydock at Deutsche Werke in Kiel. While under repair the Gneisenau received a direct hit on the foredeck during an air attack on the night of 26 - 27 February 1942. Despite it was standard procedure, her stocks of ammunition were not discharged. This was a fatal error as the hit she received started a chain reaction which devastated the ship and killed 112 crewmembers. This was the end of the career of the Gneisenau.
Another air photograph of the Deutsche Werke in Kiel. The Gneisenau can be seen badly damaged to the left of the photograph.
A close view of the heavily damaged Gneisenau in the drydock at the Deutsche Werke in Kiel.
The extensive destruction caused by the direct bomb hit can be seen on these photographs.
This photograph shows the burned out "A" turret of the Gneisenau. All members of the "A" turret crew were killed by the explosion, which took place after the ship received a direct bomb hit.

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